Sunday, June 13, 2010

good times

I've had a bit of a quiet weekend, which I don't really mind.
My teachers went easy on us and didn't assign any ridiculous last minute projects.
I just really want summer to arrive already!

On Friday we had the last assembly of the year, and afterwards I stayed behind with a few of my friends to help clean up and bring a bunch of junk to the other building. We ended up wearing animal masks and I was pushing a wheelchair with a huge bin on it. However, our teachers were not so thrilled about us missing classes and they pretty much freaked out. But nonetheless, it was a great way to start a Friday.

I spent Saturday making a heart with my Polaroid photos (shown above) and watched Shutter Island. The movie wasn't very scary; it was actually pretty good.

Today I hung out with Claire and Alexis for a little while. We just talked and walked around my tiny town. Alexis bought an awesome collectible Beatles bear for a buck at a random garage sale, and we spent at least thirty minutes in the basement at Blockbuster looking at all of the merchandise.

True Blood primeres tonight, and my mother is going crazy. Werewolves are now on the show (original, huh?).

I'm going to end this post so I don't start rambling, so I hope to hear from you all in a few days!


  1. All of your Polaroids look so awesome! As does that freaking amazing Beatles bear :D I saw Shutter Island and it was pretty good, albeit a bit confusing, but I never got to finish it! I'll have to do that soon. And oh wow, I wonder where True Blood got that idea from haha? ;P

  2. My father is a True Blood fanatic. The show looks awful, so cheesy and fake.

  3. How have i not commented on this blog! I have that good yet bad feeling. I thought that you stopped blogging for a while and then i didn't get any updates. Point being glad to see this blog. Amazing bear.


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