Tuesday, June 8, 2010

for once i'm just gonna live

June is here! Finally. It's only a matter of time before the remaining twelve days of school pass me by.
Although I have to admit, spending eighth period watching Degrassi isn't that bad.

I had a good weekend, actually. On Saturday I went to the city with my mother and we got a bit of retail therapy done. A festival (for younger kids) was held at the park on Sunday, and I was so incredibly overcome with boredom that I decided to go. I ended up running into my friend in the eighth grade and we got airbrush tattoos and obnoxiously laughed at the performers in the gazebo.  

Yes, admire our badassery!

The Glee season finale is on tonight, and I have some math homework that needs finishing, so this is where I say Enjoy your last days of school!


  1. Your weekend sounds fun :) Airbrush tattoos ftw! And ah, the Glee season finale was so good haha. I knew they could never cancel it though, so that part was kind of expected. But ah, yesterday was my last real day of school, and then today and tomorrow we just have to go in for finals, then it's over! WOOOO.

  2. Awesome air brush tattoos. I especially love the rose its really cool. While you are watching Degrassi we are watching Tarzan. Our school doesn't even have the English version so we are watching it in Spanish! Half the class talks while the other half makes up words in the movie. At least i get to be Tarzan which is a step up from a gorilla


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