Friday, April 30, 2010

we are the champions

So yes, we the seventh graders finished the dreaded but painfully easy state testing. This past week has been very simple; no homework has been assigned, except motherhood. But motherhood isn't exactly what you call "simple".

According to my health teacher, I'm a married teacher with a $65, 000 salary, and I have a baby girl named Charlie.

I have a pretty good weekend ahead of me for the most part....a track meet and the local music&arts festival. Hopefully the track meet has good results...

Well, I'm supposed to be doing volcano research right now (during recess, haha), but my teacher is across the room and couldn't care less.  My friends are looking up "yo mama" jokes and drunk pictures of celebrities. Yep, we're cool.

Sorry that this post isn't as long, but I have to head to gym class. Have a nice weekend!


  1. You just have the best friends don't you? Good luck with charlie and your salary!

  2. Yay for surviving the testing! Yes, good luck with Charlie and the track meet and your research project and everything, and I hope you have a good weekend :)


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