Sunday, April 25, 2010

lost in isolation

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So, I feel like Emily Dickinson (not in the poetic way, but in the hermit way), because I haven't been out of the house all weekend. I feel disgusting. My desk is cluttered and the contents of my school bag are all over the place. I have some cleaning to do...

State testing starts on Tuesday, and I'm not really nervous. I find it strange how specific the instructions are in the packets, like "Fill in your name in the bubbles below ONCE, then wait for your teacher to tell you what to do next. Do NOT turn the page!". Considering that some sort of machine grades these tests, you'd think that the people who actually take them are not slow-minded. I'm probably not making any sense here, but still.

On Thursday, I have track, and my flour-baby assignment starts. For two weeks I have to carry around a five-pound sack of flour, and write daily journal entries. My health teacher has to come up with scenarios for all of us (thank God that we're not being paired up, because one kid asked if we had to breast feed our "babies"). Hopefully I'm a single mom; being stuck with an imaginary spouse will suck.

Well, sorry for the short post, but there's not really that much going on at the moment.
I'll try to make a new post during the week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. The classic flour child has come around yet again. State testing is interesting i guess you can say. My state testing does start soon but not Tuesday soon. Have a good weekend! and good luck on your testing. (hope the government does not come in and take over your school.)

  2. I hate those weekends when you don't leave the house at all :P I guess sometimes they can be nice if you had a really stressful and chaotic week, but usually it just makes you feel like a blob haha...

    Good luck with the testing! I'm sure you'll do great! And wow haha, I kind of wish we had to do the flour baby assignment. It sounds interesting indeed. Have a good week!

  3. I completely agree about the instructions on the state tests. They're ridiculous. And I think its stupid that they have the teachers re-read the instructions on the second day- and every year. They're the same instructions, and unless there's a new student who's never taken the state test, there's no need for it, it's just a waste of time!

    Haha, sorry for the rant! :) Good luck with the testing!


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