Wednesday, March 24, 2010

read, write, and solve equations all day

That, my friends, is what you do at school...which has been occupying most of my time. I'm almost done with seventh grade...will that mean that this blog will be called "grade eight momentos"? No, I certainly hope not! I need to think of a new blog title before the school year ends (yes, I know changing your blog title every few months or so is annoying, and I'm surprised that I've kept the current title this long). I am lacking creativity at the moment, which is kind of ironic considering I have a three page volcano report and a literary essay due in a month or so.
For a minute there...
In Humanities, we just finished reading The Westing Game, which is about some millionaire who fakes his own death and chooses sixteen people to go after his fortune. The main character, Sam Westing, had four different identities, and his niece kicked people in the shins most of the time. It was a good book, but we watched the movie last week, and that was a disaster. I'm pretty convinced that the screenwriter didn't read the book, because the characters ended up being paranoid melodramatic creepers for the most part.

Speaking of reading, I just read I am the Messenger, by Markus Zusac (who also wrote The Book Thief, if you're wondering). I definitely reccomend it. 

I've been listening to Joan Jett and The Runaways a lot recently, because of the new movie thats coming out. I mean, I listened to "I Love Rock n' Roll" way before anyone made a movie, but I've just started to go beyond that. The girls who made up The Runaways aren't exactly the "role model" type, but some of their songs are pretty good, even if the lyrics tend to get a bit racy. But most songs these days are about sex, drugs, and broken hearts so there isn't really much of a difference unless you compare the generations. The band manager, Kim Fowley, was very creepy and wore makeup and flashy clothes, which is kind of strange, even for the mid-1970s.

Well, that is pretty much all I'd like to say today. I hope you enjoyed the seemingly longer post (I'll have to make these more often, huh?).  I gleefully did my homework during recess, so I'm going to watch the new communitychannel video on YouTube now, if you don't mind.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My mom convinced me that this girl should win American Idol this year...most of the other contestants want to be cookie-cutter pop stars.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I remember reading the Westing Game :D I think we read it in elementary school but I still really like that book. And yes, from what I remember the movie wasn't too good, of course. And ah, I love Markus Zusak and his books, they're just too good.

    I haven't been keeping up with American Idol, but I do recall hearing my friends mention something about that Siobhan person! She has a cool name, hehe.

  2. I guess i should try reading that book sometime. The last time i saw american idol i was in fourth grade and webkinz was the best thing around. It has definitely been a while. Siobhan is one of the most unique names i have heard in a long time


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