Monday, March 1, 2010

but why did you have to go off and die?

I have a sudden fascination with The Office. It's funny how the show is in the sixth season and I just notice it now (oblivious much?).  My favorite character is Dwight Kurt Schrute III.

Anywhoo, today is the New York priemere of Robert Pattinson's new movie, Remember Me. My friends and I want to see it when it comes out next week. I guess it looks pretty good, but Summit Entertainment (the same company that has the rights to the Twilight franchise) made the movie to introduce Pattinson as a "real" actor, even though he has done other movies.

On Saturday, my mom took me to ICP, which is the International Center of Photography. I looked at a couple of galleries, and I'm still thinking about taking a class there. And I got my hands on some more Polaroid film. (:

If your calendars haven't pointed it out for you yet, it's the first day of March, which means that spring is near. The Spring Fling has already been planned, and everyone is uber excited. The theme is Rock n' Roll, and will be held from 7-10, which proves that we're real party animals.

Tomorrow the whole middle school is seeing a play adaptation of The Giver. I never read the book, but from what I've heard it's pretty good.

Well bloggers, I'm off. Remember to never leave the house with your shoes untied.


  1. You're only just getting into The Office now? Oh boy, were you missing out ;) Welcome to the awesomeness :D

    I'm not quite sure how I feel about Remember Me. I love Emilie de Ravin though!

    The spring fling sounds like it's sure to be rockin'! Wow, that was so lame, hahaha. But ah, you should read The Giver! One of the only required reading books I've actually liked.

  2. I never really was into the office. I guess it is mostly beacuse i have a little sister who can't watch anything but nickalodeaon twenty four seven. I'm not really sure about Remember me. Our spring fling was last week, which they did not allow us to even though we take midterms and what not hope yours is better!


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