Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the adoration of the beatles...

lives within this book.

I finally got a chance to go to the Strand yesterday, and happily bought this book after weeks of hesitation. And of course, page 82 turned into page 214, and I got the feeling that I could make the remaining 71 pages last until Thursday. But soon I didn't have anything to read except the author's acknowlegement page.

Anyway, The Lonely Hearts Club is an awesome book. As you can tell by the cover picture, there is a lot of reference to the Beatles, and I thought back to the long driving trips I took as a kid when my mom would put on the album, "1". The story was cute, too. A girl named Penny Lane gets her heart broken and forms a club called, you guessed it, The Lonely Hearts Club. She encourages her friends to join, and soon almost all of the girls at her high school are in the club, and everyone is looking out for each other. This book made me think about the times when everyone would freak out and get cheesy when a couple was formed. I'm sure you're all familiar with a chorus of  "awwww!". My friends and I don't really think about the boys at school so much, considering that they tell us to go and kiss Robert Pattinson when we simply ask them why there has to be a perverted meaning to Louisville, Kentucky. Yeah, middle school boys aren't exactly the mature and intellectual type. Just egotistical maniacs who tell sex jokes.

The spring fling was on Friday, and I didn't go. Part of me wanted to, but then I realized I was better off not going. Instead of "dancing" (dancing, as in sitting at a table, talking to people, and forcing myself to eat Wise popcorn for dinner), I talked myself into watching Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars on Disney Channel. Who knows; maybe next year I'll go and sing a Paramore song on karaoke, with my friends of course. But I did go a small party on Sunday, which was a lot of fun. I'm not as socially awkward as my parents think I am after all, or so I believe.

I thought spring was supposed to be filled with nice, sunny weather, not rain and wind! It really sucks when your umbrella gets turned up by the wind when you're only two blocks away from your house or school, so you have to sprint. And then when you come in someone laughs at you because there's water all over your glasses. But fabulous fashion has come out of all this, considering a guy in my grade wore a neon pink shirt and green rainboots today. I'm sure if Alexander McQueen was still alive, he would give him a thumbs up, no doubt.

My sarcastic streak has come out a lot today, so I might as well stop writing and start East of Eden or finish my Spanish packet.

Have a nice week!


  1. That book sounds rather good indeed! But yeah, I must agree, middle school boys are normally not very mature, intellectual, intelligent, or anything of the sort... and unfortunately it doesn't get much better in high school :P Sigh, boys.

    Yeah, we had a ton of dreary rainy windy-ness for the past week or two, but now FINALLY it's all sunny and warm and nice. So hopefully some of that will come your way too! :) Although holy crap, the guy's outfit sounds pretty freaking amazing.

  2. The book sounds okay i am a fast reader though when i don't like the book forget it i am the slowest snail around. It's pretty funny how sex-crazy guys can be. I didn't go to my schools spring fling either. I haven't seen Harriet the spy blogs wars. It doesn't look good, but then again no original Disney movies look very good. There is a problem, they fix it, and then they sing a song. Hope that the movie was good. The weather has been rather bi polar though i guess eventually it will get better. I never worn rain boots but if a guy can wear a neon pink shirt with them than anything is possible.


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