Thursday, February 25, 2010

i warned you i would be listening

Hello, Goodbye

Well, as far as greetings go, that's pretty self explanatory. I love Polyvore and its amazingness.

The weather has been cold and dreary this week, unfortunately, but that doesn't keep me from posting! We just got even more snow, and school has been cancelled for tomorrow. It's the third snowday in less than a month, but that calls for a shorter summer. Great.

School has been crazy...everyone rushed to get their Stone Age projects done. I had to mix animal hide and pigment dye to make paint; now that was messy! I have a ton of homework to do over the three day weekend, though, which sucks. I hope I get it done before its ten o'clock on Sunday night.

I always close my posts the same way, but I thought I would end this one with "The Only Exception" music video, compliements of Paramore. Enjoy & have a nice weekend!


  1. That sucks that your snow days make your summer shorter :/ We have six snow days built in to the year, so we only get days added on to summer if we go beyond that.

    Whoa, mixing animal hide and pigment dye? That sounds pretty darn cool! I wish we got to make awesome projects like that.

    And yay for Paramore :D

  2. Lovely Polyvore set i like it! I hate that snow days seem to eat up what seems like remnants of days we used to know. That really stinks that they gave you extra homework. That just defeats the purpose of snow days. Nice way to close out a post! Have a good weekend


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