Thursday, February 25, 2010

i warned you i would be listening

Hello, Goodbye

Well, as far as greetings go, that's pretty self explanatory. I love Polyvore and its amazingness.

The weather has been cold and dreary this week, unfortunately, but that doesn't keep me from posting! We just got even more snow, and school has been cancelled for tomorrow. It's the third snowday in less than a month, but that calls for a shorter summer. Great.

School has been crazy...everyone rushed to get their Stone Age projects done. I had to mix animal hide and pigment dye to make paint; now that was messy! I have a ton of homework to do over the three day weekend, though, which sucks. I hope I get it done before its ten o'clock on Sunday night.

I always close my posts the same way, but I thought I would end this one with "The Only Exception" music video, compliements of Paramore. Enjoy & have a nice weekend!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i can't simply not worry

It's weird that I get so finicky when people tell me that they read my blog. I mean, the main purpose of a blog is telling other people what's on your mind, isn't it? Yeah? Then what is my problem?!

I've been blogging for more than two years, since fifth grade, I think. My mom just thought I should start writing everything down, and as you can see, it's become a hobby. I guess my writing style has changed a lot since I first started blogging (well, of course it has). Instead of writing about *shudder* Webkinz and the Clique books like I used to in fifth and early sixth grade, I write about something much more complex: life. Well, the life of a dramatic seventh grader, to be specific.

Compliments. Another thing that I fuss about. I'm not the kind of person that likes to fish around for compliments, so when someone does compliment me, I get all weirded out, and instead of saying "Hey, thanks!", I wince and do this weird chuckle-like thing that sounds like this: Hmph. Or I don't say anything at all, which makes me look a bitch, or so I think. It's not that I don't want people to compliment me, I guess I'm just happier complimenting other people and not hearing anything back from them. Weird, I know, but that's me!

Posting. My posting method is very strange. I don't want to make a post every single gosh darn day, nor do I want to go weeks, months without posting. I'm happiest spreading out my posts with a few days in between them. I understand if some of you want to see more from me (yes, Mom, I am talking, er, writing about you here, same to you Jack), but I do happen to have a life, even if I do happen to spend most of my spare time reading, watching movies, or chatting with friends on Skype and Facebook. It's not like I write masterpieces. Please. I'm only thirteen years old! Or maybe I'm trapped inside the body of a bitter old woman.


the BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards), are tomorrow night. Kristen Stewart is nominated for a Rising Star award for her work in New Moon, when all she did was act depressed and proceed to jump off a cliff. If someone like Edward Cullen left me, I suppose I would be depressed, but Stephenie Meyer doesn't really understand reality, as in, there are no such things as charming sparkling vampires. But she does write fantasy novels so I shouldn't judge her. Plus, I most certainly am not on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this long ramble of a post. Most of my journal entries for Humanities end up like this, haha.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

dream and wake

Me: Today is John Hughes' birthday!
Kree: Oh, really? He is a meanie on House!
Me: I think you're thinking of Hugh Laurie. John Hughes is a filmaker.
Kree: Oh...yeah now I remember. Haha.
I'm happy to say that I've watched a few good movies during break, such as...

  • Coco Before Chanel
  • Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
  • StarStruck (Yes, this is a Disney Channel movie, but it was still cute)
  • Dear John
  • Mean Girls (It's actually a pretty quotable movie, haha)
  • The Safety of Objects

And I stilll have to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Sorry for the short post, but I promise to make one on Saturday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

stop the madness

The past couple of days have been pretty hectic in general. Here's why:
  • School was canceled on Wednesday and Thursday due to the inclement weather. It's nice to sleep in until 10:30 and wake up to heavy snowfall. I pretty much live for Kodak moments.
  • We all return to school on Friday. A two-hour long assembly greets us. In those two hours, the seventh graders had to perform the "Elemental Rap" in awkward fashion. The Michael Jackson Dance Tribute Club (yes, you heard me right) performed, too, and I was pretty impressed. My morning classes were cut short, but homework was still assigned for the break.
If your calendars haven't made it clear enough for you, today is Valentine's Day. Quite honestly, I don't know why people stress out about having no one to be with on this day. It just makes no sense (maybe it's because I'm thirteen and all love-related issues have a temporary residence at the back of my mind). Anywhoo, I spent the day with Claire and Alexis. We basically walked around town and stopped in every little store we could find, spending most of our pocket money on a bunch of random stuff. When we finally got tired we headed back to my house and watched  Jennifer's Body. I did manage to take a few crappy pictures...

All of us decided that we had to have the new Nylon, which came with this t-shirt. I can't wait to see the teachers' reactions when I wear this to school.

A very expensive (but cute) camera necklace, priced at $9.99. Hahaha.

I couldn't help but buy these gloves. What can I say? They're awesome. I bought a 4-pack of The Nightmare Before Christmas buttons, but only kept the one of Jack Skellington.

A Remington Rand? In *instert town name here*? The world really must be screwing with me.

Samoas are pretty much the best-tasting things one can eat.

So yes, it was a pretty good day. You gotta love friends.

I have all of next week off, so be expecting some more posts! In the meantime, I would like to commute to some late-night reading.

Good night!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

satellite of you

Instead of the usual "Hello!", I would like to start the post by pointing something out:
It's Saturday!
Which commitment to post more often during the week starts....NOW. No more weekend posts for a while. I pretty much destroy my blog by dragging things out, such as my posting issue.

I have spent my Saturday posing in my nerd glasses (which are actually 3D glasses from Coraline..hehe). The little quote-filled book in my hand is actually based on a poster that was made before World War II by the British. And why do I have so much to say about a seemingly random picture?

My educational experiences remain the same. You know, sitting through classes and taking notes (doodling), reading during recess, and laughing at "That's what she said" jokes before realizing what I'm laughing at. It's actually kind of depressing how everyone is "engineered" to think of the dirty thing instead of the actual meaning of something these days. 

The Oscar nominations were released this week, and I am not very pleased with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And being the sharp-tounged girl that I am, I will tell you why. I personally think that a lot of the films/actors/etc. are not Oscar-worthy material. Like Up in the Air, for instance. Yes, it was a good movie, but did it really deserve so many nominations?  And you know what? Nancy Meyers should be a nominee in the Best Original Screenplay category for It's Complicated, because that woman made me laugh so hard in the movie theater. Oh, and I know Meryl Streep has won many awards, but she deserves an Oscar for her work in Julie & Julia. But...I am pleased to announce that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are hosting the show this year!

Speaking of movies, I watched Ray on Tuesday, which starred Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles. Jamie won a well-deserved Oscar for his performance in 2005. Ray was by far one of the most amazing biographical movies I have ever seen.

Things to look foward to during the month of February:

  • Valentine's Day? (the holiday, not the Garry Marshall-directed romantic comedy)
  • Winter Recess-February 15th-19th
  • Oh, and maybe a post about Winona Ryder?

Well kids, I can't think of anything clever or witty to say, so I will just go ahead and close up shop. I would say something about the Super Bowl, but I'm not really into sports for that matter.

Until next time,

People who bother to read this