Sunday, January 24, 2010

take me with you

Today, I used my Polaroid for the first time in two months. I took two pictures, this one being the best (the other one was very blurry). I only have five things of film left. I pretty much worship Urban Outfitters for selling Polaroid film, minus the fact that they charge $24 a pack. Which means, my dears, that I have to stop going to the thrift store after school and spending my cash on button-down shirts and Sting CDs. Photography comes first. Always. (I hope I don't jinx that)

Please please please with a cherry on top don't get mad at me. Why? Because I saw The Lovely Bones last night. I thought that it was a very powerful movie. I cried at one part, being the sap that I am, even though I try to cover it up by wearing black nail polish (epic fail). I was impressed with Saroise Ronan, but Stanley Tucci gave me the heebie-jeebies. Two thumbs up and a "rock on" to Peter Jackson as well for beautiful graphics! But I must say that I am a bit disappointed that a lot was left out from the book. But of course, the books are always better than the movies. Well, maybe not for Twilight, because many people think that Stephenie Meyer is a bad writer. Including Leon, a young college student majoring in English that is currently a student teacher for the eighth graders. He has a sharp tounge, and I (along with my friends) find him very funny.

Oh wait! I almost forgot. I did happen to catch the Hope for Haiti program on HBO. I'm impressed with George Clooney for pulling all of those strings. And I got see Robert Pattinson sporting a small bushy beard. Julia Roberts got on my nerves because she kept innerupting the donators she was talking to on the phone. That woman is only on my good side because I love Steel Magnolias.

So yes, that is my weekend summed up in three paragraphs (probably more than that). I still have a math test to study for, so I better get to that before my procrastination gets even worse.

I hope you all had a nice weekend!



  1. I like the polaroid :D I like polaroids in general, hehe. Except when their film costs $24, I guess that could detract from their amazingness. But still amazing!

    Yeah, I enjoyed The Lovely Bones and it was lovely cinematography, but of course the book was still better :P

    I didn't watch the Hope For Haiti program, but that's great that they did that and everything. Not sure how I feel about Rob Pattinson with a beard though... that sounds like it has the potential for non-attractiveness D:

    Good luck with your math test!

  2. I didn't see the hope for haiti program, but i like them polaroids! :P Cool weekend by the way. The Lovely Bones looks okay but the book is probably better. Good luck on that math test!


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