Friday, November 20, 2009

the days have been compelling

Hello, fellow blog readers and bloggers. It has been a few days since my last post, so obviously I'm making a new one.

School has been the same, I suppose. Homework being finished, homework being turned in, homework being assigned. And let's not forget to rinse and repeat.

As an act of randomness and bad parenting to other mothers, my mom let me and my brother, Sam, stay home from school. So be it the day of New Moon's arrival, we saw the 1:00 show since we had nothing better to do. To be honest, it was okay.The introduction was cool and I loved loved loved the ending. But I got to say, Melissa Rosenberg rushed the dialogue a teeny bit in some parts. Twiight will always be my favorite in the series, film wise. I just hope Eclipse lives up to its potential.

As you all know, I have obsessions. Some lasting two days, some lasting two months. Oddly enough, I have been layering black gummy bracelets and having the urge to buy a pack of tangy-filled candy cigarettes. I'm in that 80s-retro-John Hughes-Madonna-movie kind of mood, you know? I fell asleep halfway through watching Beaches with my mom last night, although it was a good movie up until my trip to dreamland.

I've got a room to clean and some notes to write, so I guess I'll end the post now. Have a nice weekend. I'll verbally see you soon.


  1. I hope you had fun staying home from school. Four weekend day off. Yeah sometimes i do just feel like that but it doesn't last long. Reality overcomes me. I guess new moon was okay i didn't see it though. I never really was into that stuff. Beaches is a pretty good movie.

  2. That's awesome that you got to stay home from school! I wish my mom would have absences in parental judgement like that, haha ;)

    My thoughts on New Moon have been expressed in my post, so yeah, but I pretty much agree with you! Except I didn't like the ending too much :P


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